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Trailer Rentals Ocala, FL



We offer trailer rentals in Ocala & Gainesville, FL 

We offer storage solutions at a price that can't be beat with convenience that can't be matched. Our storage trailers are portable, mobile and come directly to you. We serve many customers in the commercial, industrial and construction industries from Ocala, FL to Gainesville, FL.

Why choose our trailer rentals or storage containers? To put it simply, because it makes sense. If you have storage needs, but don't want to have to go through the trouble of packing up and transporting your things just to come back and get them the next day, then Knight Storage Trailer LLC has your solution. 
Trailer Rentals Gainesville, FL
With our storage trailers, the storage comes directly to you. You get portable, mobile storage that is secure, weatherproof and fits your budget. What could be better than that?

Whether you're looking to purchase or rent large or small trailers, Knight Storage Trailer LLC has you covered.

We have a variety of storage containers for you, including:

  • Roll up or swing doors, 30 ft., 48 ft., 53 ft. lengths
  • Drop frames available
  • Month to Month Leasing
  • Over the road trailers (All Sites)
  • Staircases, and In State of Relocations available storage of your load trailer available
Trailer Rentals Ocala, FL
Our storage containers are the perfect fit when you need storage, but don't necessarily need to trade up to one of our trailer rentals. These containers are portable, weatherproof and secure. They rest at ground level, making your items easy to store and easy to access. Our storage containers are an especially good fit for job sites which need an easy, secure way to lock up materials and equipment overnight.

When we started Knight Storage Trailer LLC to serve the local market, we set a goal to provide the very best service in the industry. That was over 17 years ago. Today, we still live by that commitment, and now serve the entire state of Florida with quality trailers, trailer rentals, storage trailers and storage containers.

Here at Knight Storage Trailer LLC, we personally run the day-to-day operations, so we have the flexibility to develop custom rental plans based on your needs and your schedule. In fact, we can even bring your loaded trailer here to our lot in Ocala, FL and store it until you need it back!
Storage Containers Gainesville, FL
If you're looking to free up some space in your inventory warehouse, store, or construction site, you definitely want your materials and supplies to be protected, safe, and secure.

Choose from our wide selection of commercial storage containers here at Knight Storage Trailer LLC.

Give Knight Storage Trailer LLC a call today at 352-229-8285 for more information.
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